My Story

Lisa has traded the low-pay career of a business writer for the no-pay career of a novelist, a trade her children and supportive husband are, so far, cheering on.

Her debut novel, Rootbound, is complete and Lisa is actively seeking agent representation with the goal of ultimately getting a publishing deal.

In addition to managing the querying process, Lisa is also reworking her original novel, Taming the Camel, with the goal of having a completed manuscript by December 2023.

If not writing, or reading, or dreaming up characters for another story, or obeying her obstinate Parti Yorkie, Ella, Lisa is probably planning her next trip to the Verde Valley. Lisa and her husband are enthusiastic supporters of the Arizona wine industry and members of several local wineries.

After graduating from Indiana University (go Hoosiers!) Lisa traded the cloudy skies of Indianapolis for the sunny beauty of Phoenix. The settings for her stories celebrate the blue-sky optimism of Arizona as well as the prosaic charm of the Midwest.

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